The One Date Petition is considered important by thousands of believers. Among them are the following clergy:

Archbishop Vincent“The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the foundation of our faith. Hence a truth that binds all Christians together and gives hope that in and through Jesus grace will triumph over sin. It is therefore, right and just that we have a common date for the celebration of Easter.”

Archbishop Vincent Concessao

“Please, add our names as sponsors to the appeal for a common Easter date by all Christian churches. We believe and support wholeheartedly one common date for Easter since the Risen Lord Jesus Christ is One and therefore His Church should be one and not fragmented. The Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church already uses the Gregorian Calendar except here in Jerusalem where the Greek Orthodox Church still adheres to the Julian Calendar and therefore the Armenian Church is obligated to follow it out of concern for the Status Quo of the Holy Places.”

Archbishop Aris Shirvanian

Most Rev. Felix Toppo, Bishop of Jamshedpur

Fr Peter CSWG“The Resurrection event is something unique to the Christian Faith. It confirms the Gospel that she proclaims, which is the promise of a New Creation from God for the whole human race. In order to make known this truth convincingly, all Christians need to celebrate this unique event, the resurrection, on the same day everywhere.”

Fr Peter CSWG Anglican monk

“I would like to endorse the quest to unify the dates for Easter in the Church. It is clear that Jesus Christ, the night before he died, prayed for unity within his newly founded Church. The Lord obviously knew what lay ahead for his Mystical Body. As members of the Mystical Body we have prided ourselves in our differences rather than sought out what unites us. Revelation 12 describes Satan as ‘diabalos’ which means separator or divider. To tear the Church into separate parts is to tear the Lord in parts, and without our Lord Jesus Christ we would lose our way to heaven. As Church, we have to embrace the true mystery of God in the intimate relationship of the God-head who as a holy unity is calling all creatures to share in his life. The world is so desperately in need of God. It is the responsibility of the Church to find her strength again; and this strength can only be realised in unity, guided by the Holy Spirit. It is in this resurgence of strength that the mission of Christ will be fulfilled in and through his Mystical Body. I long for the day when the glory of God may seen in the Church united in Jesus Christ her Lord.”

Fr Wayne P M Weldschidt OMI

Fr KURIAN MATTAM“The unification is important to me because
1 Easter is the most basic foundation of Christian faith
2 The unification will heal at least one wound in the body of Christ.
3 It will be a significant step towards unity among the churches.”

Yours in the Lord,

Fr Kurian Mattam

Josep Monels“Throughout the centuries the Christian Churches of diferent empires, nations, countries. Traditions, Confesions and Denominations has been celebrating the dates of Easter. (Pasover, death , burry and Resurrection of Christ ). Date that has been the most important event of the Christianism, because that we will recive for the God Grace, the Forgivenes of our sins and the Eternal Salvation. But not in the same dates, because different theological traditions, astronomical opinions, cultural influences, religios and eclesiological calendars. The celebrations of the Easter has not been in the same day..It is a scandal for Christians and non christians... In 2010 qnd 2011. the cellebration has been unified,..And in the GLOBAL era I believe that is essential for the unified testimony, that from now on all the Christians we need always celebrate the Easter in the same days. HE IS ALIVE AND WILL COME SOON.”

Josep Monells

Fr John Aberton “If unity is essential for the successful evangelisation of the world (John 19:21), and agreement on the date of Easter will bring East and West closer together, then the accuracy of the date takes second place to the benefits of such an agreement. Why should we hesitate?”

Fr John Aberton

Father George Coconas “Our beloved Jesus was once crucified on the Hill of Calvary and shed his blood for the sins of mankind. After three days, He rose from the dead bringing joy to mankind. However, Christians celebrate Easter on two separate dates, which is like cutting Jesus’ precious body in half. I strongly believe that this is unacceptable by Jesus, Himself. If all Christians celebrated Easter on the same date, this would unite people and evidently live their spiritual lives in peace and harmony”

Fr George Coconas

The Rev'd Canon Dr Gavin Ashenden“I support the unification of the dates of Easter as a way of healing the sins and divisions of our spiritual forbears, of being obedient to the Risen Christ who asks the deepest levels of unity of heart and mind from his Church, and of presenting a more coherent witness to the world.”

The Rev'd Canon Dr Gavin Ashenden

Fr Brian Cross“The theology of the Eastern and Western traditions are complimentary. In the apostolicum we have a declaration of pure intent. We will continue to keep to the vision of the apostles”

Fr Brian Cross
Retired Dutch Reformed Pastor

Sister Martha“I believe the unification of the dates of Easter are very important because: Unity is the testoment of love for the world and a precious gift for all Christians”

Sister Martha O' Daly

Fr John Twisleton“The celebration of Easter on different dates by different Churches implies complacency about Christian differences. Worse than that it signifies unreadiness in the Churches to accept one another as the Lord accepts them. 

Each Church exists only by the mercy of God whether its followers believe it or not. When a Church welcomes this move to unify the date of Easter it places itself at the foot of the same Cross of Jesus to seek divine mercy with all other denominations. For a Church to sign up for the unification of the date of Easter is to signify it lives in hope of the communion of saints where, in the glory of the resurrection, unity and truth will be inseparable.

The apathy and unbelief in the world are too powerful for any Church to contend with. The Churches need to come together so their uniting to celebrate Easter would be a powerful sign to not yet Christians.

Yours in Our Lord”

The Revd Dr John F Twisleton

Rector of St Giles, Horsted Keynes & Chichester diocesan advisor on Christian apologetics

Bishop Markos Gebre Medhin CMI am very much in favour of unifying the dates of Easter. Easter is the celebration of the ressurection of Jesus our Lord and master.  The most surprizing and wonderous event happened in the world is the Ressurection of Jesus. It is becuase of Jesus ressurection we are alive today.  The ressurection of Jesus  or the celebration of Easter is root cause for Christian fellowship. Being fully conviced of the ressurection is a major step in understanding Jesus' identity as son of God. It is through Easter that Jesus gives us hope and what strengthen our faith. Jesus prayed for unity , as he is one with his Father ,we may be one too.

Bishop Markos Gebre Medhin CM

Vicar Apostolic of Jimma-Bonga

“According to me it is shameful and also sinful to have different dates of Easter for Roman Catholic Church and for Protestant or Greek Orthodox Church. Jesus Christ died for all mankind once and for all on Good Friday; and He rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. He founded One Church and Only One Church, "The Church of Jesus Christ" After that what came into existence was man made. Jesus will be happy if we all unite and confess our sins of disunity and celebrate Easter on one date and allow God to do things according to His plan as He promised. Blessed are those who work for Unity of the Churches for they will be called sons and daughters of God and will inherit eternal life.”

Fr. S. Raphael.
Archdiocese of Kolkata, India.

“If our bridegroom is ONE, why continue to have two wedding parties? Two dates for the same wedding, for Easter , causes many to wonder whether Christians are serious about Christian unity. The celebration of the ONE and only ONE LORD in His resurrection, as one family under God, does not only fulfill the joy of all baptised in Him, but will also make others believe that JESUS was sent to reconcile the world with God .”

In Christ,
+Bishop Riah Abo El-Assal

The Rev. Fr. Canon Fuad S. Dagher“The Unification of the date of Easter is an important step in the journey of the unity of the church, it is a sign of God`s work in His Church, it is a sign of Hope, Love & acceptence of one another since Easter is the celebration of our Victory over death in the Living Christ, and as long as the Church is not able to unify the date of Easter, she will continue to present a daed Christ who`s Resuraction is not effictive in the Church whom He Redeemed.”

Yours in Christ,
The Rev. Fr. Canon Fuad S. Dagher,

Rector St. Paul`s Episcopal Church - Shefa-Amr, Galilee
The Diocese of Jerusalem & the Middle East

Rev. Canon George Tumwine“The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is a miracle of the Christian faith that makes us unique among other faiths in this world. Jesus had prayed for unity; such unity that would convince the world that God sent Him. We are therefore one in the sight of God as stated in Paul’s Epistle to Ephesians 4:3-6; one body, one spirit, one hope of calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all.

We have the power over our enemy (Satan) that attacks this indisputable evidence causing divisions, schisms and disunity in the Body of Christ.

The unification of the dates of Easter demonstrates the fact that the resurrection is the real fact that we believe in the God of the impossibilities, hence more than conquerors.”

Rev. Canon George Tumwine
Anglican Diocese of Kigezi
The Church of the Province of Uganda.

Mgr. Dr. J.M. Punt“Division between Christians has always been a sin, a deep wound in the heart of the Lord. In our dramatic time, it has become a threat for the very existence of Christianity, and of humanity as a whole. We should unite now! The unification of the dates of Easter would be a wonderful first step, that would very much please the heart of the Lord


The Right Reverend Mgr. Dr. J.M. Punt
Bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam

père Laurentin“I wholeheartedly associate myself to the request [...]  that the Catholic and Orthodox dates of Easter be unified. This would be a stimulant to Unity.

Wholeheartedly in Christo.”

Père Laurentin

“The following elements of Unity of the Church, intrinsic as well as extrinsic, St. Paul mentions in his Letter to the Ephesians, 4, 4-6 :"One Body and One Spirit; as you were called in One Hope of your Calling: One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: One God and Father of all, Who is above all, and through all, and in all"... So, equally, may Almighty God grant to His Church of these our times, the Unity, concerning too, the Date of the Celebration of the Easter Sunday.”

Sincerily in Christ Jesus.

+ Raimundo Revoredo Ruiz,

C.M. Bishop Prelate Emeritus of Juli-Puno


Mesafint Azanaw“It is important for me because first of all I am a prist in my all life and i was in monasteries.
I belive all cristanity work together for peace, love and fraternity.
AND we have a lot of experiences so we shall to participate to this matter”

Mesafint Azanaw

“As Jesus asked His Father, by the strength of the Holy Spirit, we too dream and pray so that this UNIFICATION OF THE DATES OF EASTER is fulfilled by all Christians.”

Padre Joaquim Milheiro Valente

MSGR Fred B. Kriekenbeek